Lady Gaga Quotes

It is your right to choose what you do and don't do. It is your right to choose what you believe in and what you don't believe in. It is your right to curate your life and your own perspective.

Fight and push harder for what you believe in. You'd be surprised, you are much stronger than you think.

I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I'm not afraid of my flaws.

Celebrate all the things you don't like about yourself - love yourself.

Don't be insecure, if your heart is pure.

It's always wrong to hate, but it's never wrong to love.

At the end of the day, you won't be happy until you love yourself.

You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way.

You don't need to or should not feel like a victim, Nobody can help you more than you can help yourself.

Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.

I've been searching for ways to heal myself, and I've found that kindness is the best way.

It's important to be giving, to return the love back.

Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.